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EVTOLS is hybrid of drones and helicopters. This technology claims to be an air taxi in the future. And it should cost less than regular helicopters.

All aviation shows during this year, which I visited, I should say, most of them are devoted to the new technologies and the new technologies. Innovation now - are different types of drones and somewhat they call EF-Tools, which is kind of hybrid of drones and helicopters. So the new models, normally 30, 40, 50% more efficient, cheaper in use and normally, models would be cheaper in production and I mean the pricing would be 30 40% cheaper, than the regular helicopters.

So each and every show having newcomers startups, some of them just having only models, some of them have already made projects. It's very difficult to tell which particular model or which particular generation of the equipment would be widely used later, on but each producer report, that they already got quite a number of orders, started to accept payments making pre-orders, orders and they declared to 2024-2025, as the years, that it would be a common use. As you, probably, heard, for Paris Olympic Games some flying taxis would be already used for Olympic Games transportation. So let's see and, here at Farnborough Air Show we also got quite a number of such models, so we will try to show some of them to you. So follow our channel, follow our podcasts, and we will tell you more about new development, new tendencies and about this new segment of the market. Jet Paris Cofrance from Nice.

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